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Wessex Pumps is a Supplier, Distributor and Installer of the products that are shown here, each of which we work with as they are known for their quality, reliability and value for money. The Cathcart Valve was designed and patented by Wessex Pumps, and stands alone as being the only valve that can empty a clump of water from the surface. All other products can be viewed on their pages, and applicable data sheets etc can be found there. If you need any further technical help or advice, please feel free to give us call….

Angus Flexible Pipelines is a global leader in providing fluid transfer solutions to a wide range of applications such as mining, ship to shore, oil and gas, agriculture, water transfer and many more.  At the heart of these solutions is Angus lay flat hose, which has been instrumental in the successful running of numerous operations in the harshest and most challenging environments around the world.  Wessex Pumps can help you to identify which Angus products will enable you to achieve a long-lasting, tailor-made solution to match the specific needs of your project.

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